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eilân festival

Permit process

You can read an extensive blog about the whole permit process in 2019 and 2022 here (Dutch only).

Privacy Statement

You can read our Privacy Statement here.

Date and opening times

eilân takes place from Thursday September 15th till Sunday September 18th 2022. The campsite opens on Thursday and closes on Monday morning.


eilân takes place on the island of Terschelling around the Duinmeertje on Hee and amidst forest and dunes. The campsite and bungalows are located right next to the festival ground. The villages of West Terschelling and Midsland and the beach are nearby.

You can reach Terschelling by boat from Harlingen. If you come by car, please use the parking lots in Harlingen.

Food, drinks, smoking, drugs & medication

A wide range of drinks and (vegetarian) food can be purchased at the festival grounds. You can also buy groceries at one of the supermarkets in West-Terschelling or Midsland, or go to restaurants and cafes across the island. 

Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas around the lake and prohibited in all interior spaces and under all roofs. To keep the island clean, we ask you to extinguish your cigarettes and clean them up, in a pocket ashtray for example. Larger ashtrays can also be found on site. The closest place to buy cigarettes is Midsland, so bring your own stock.

A zero tolerance policy on hard drugs and laughing gas applies on eilân. Soft drugs are permitted up to a maximum of 5 grams, pre-rolled joints are prohibited. Do you use medication? Then take a doctor’s prescription with you! 

Minimum age

A minimum age of 18 applies to eilân. You may be asked for proof of identity.

House rules

Our house rules can be read here.


When and where can I buy tickets?

On Wednesday December 8th, all ticket buyers from 2019 will be able to buy tickets for eilân. They will receive a ticket link per e-mail. One week later everyone else can buy tickets via this website.

Deposit on festivaltickets

This year, you have to pay a deposit on your festivalticket. You’ll pay the remaining part of your ticket in spring of 2022, when the last permit will be granted to us. The deposit only applies to festivaltickets.

If the festival for some reason can’t take place, alle deposits or accommodation payments will be refunded. Hopefully we can all look forward to eilân this way, without taking too much risk.

Festival + accommodation + boat tickets

You will need different tickets to visit eilân. Of course a festival ticket, but this does not yet include accommodation and the boat crossing. So make sure you purchase everything you need! A clear overview is on our tickets page.

Digital tickets via the Close app

This year we are using the Close app. Here you can find all your digital tickets and updates about the festival.

After purchasing and personalizing your tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation mail from Eventix with a Close app download link. Your phone number will be matched with your digital ticket in Close, and is necessary to gain access to the app and in September to the festival. Please note that you have to fill in your phone number correctly. 

Did you buy tickets for friends? You’ll have to fill in their information via the Eventix confirmation mail. They’ll receive a personal Close download link per SMS to find their own tickets in the app.

Personalization of tickets and changing information

After purchasing your tickets, we ask you to personalize them. You can do this directly after purchasing or later on. If you choose to personalize your tickets at a later moment, you can do this via the Eventix order confirmation mail. 

Did you buy tickets for friends? As the main booker, you’ll have to fill in their information via the Eventix confirmation mail. Your friends will receive a personal Close download link per SMS to find their own tickets in the app.

Do you want to change your personal information? You can do this via this link.

If someone else purchased your tickets, they can change your information via the link above. 

I want to sell my ticket

Because we are working with a deposit on the festival tickets, reselling tickets won’t be possible until the remaining amount is paid in the spring of 2022.

Plant a tree

Despite our efforts, the movement of goods and people is still the biggest contributor to the carbon footprint of eilân. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Trees for All to start planting our own forest, both in the Netherlands and more tropical climates, through which we can start offsetting our collective emissions. You can donate €4 when purchasing a ticket. For every €4 donated, eilân will add a contribution of €1. The goal is to collect enough for a new forest of 2.500 trees strong.

Stay overnight

How and where can you spend the night?

As a visitor to eilân you can sleep on the campsite (with tent or camper) or the bungalow park right next to the festival site. On the ticket page you can find detailed information about the different accommodations that we offer. 

It is not mandatory to stay in our accommodations, you can stay anywhere on the island. 

Purchased accommodations cannot be canceled.

Campsite & facilities

The campsites have free sanitary facilities. Group spaces and camper pitches have a power point for charging phones etc. There are also sockets in the shower buildings. For more information about the various accommodation options, please visit our ticket page. 

The campsites open on Thursday and close on Monday at 12:00. 


There is a limited amount of bungalows right next to the festival site. Tickets go on sale on December 8th for 2019 ticket buyers, and a week later for everyone else. 

It is possible to book an early check-in with your bungalow: for €500 extra you can check in on Monday September 12th.


Local residents

Please visit our islanders portal for more info.


For press requests you can contact Chasing the Hihat via